Monday, October 4, 2010

We interrupt this blog for a brief commercial

Hey!  Look over there in the top right-hand corner, just under the blog banner!  It's a new button!

That's right, Faithful Reader, you can now subscribe to The Quivering Pen on your Kindle.  If you click the button, you'll be taken to a page where you can order content of this blog to be automatically delivered to your device soon after it appears here.

"What does all this mean?"  I'm glad you asked that question, Eager Consumer!

It means you can read The Quivering Pen on a train, in a car, on a boat, or with a goat.  You can read it in bed, you can even read it standing on your head.  In other words, subscribing to The Quivering Pen will untether you from your computer and make the blog more portable.  If, for instance, you want to go sit in the crook of a tree and read it, or if you want some entertainment while you're halfway up the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro on that bucket-list climb which has come only after decades of putting loose change in a milk jug and then cashing in a couple of IRAs, or if you want to slip away to the bathroom stall at work for twenty minutes at a time and doing so with a lightweight Kindle is so much more convenient and less conspicuous than lugging your laptop in with you--not to mention avoiding the appearance that you're surfing porn on company time; whereas, the Kindle is, you know, a book.  That's what it means.

What it doesn't mean:
1.  You won't have to pay to read it here on the worldwide web, at its regular non-Kindle location.
2.  There won't be separate content between the two versions.  In fact, there aren't two versions.  The Kindle Quivering Pen is just a re-publication of what you find here.
3.  I won't get rich from this.  I only get a small slice of the subscription price ($1.99); Amazon gets the bigger piece.  So, about once every six months, I should be getting a royalty check large enough to buy me a bowl of gruel.  Unless of course you tell a hundred of your friends about The Quivering Pen, and they tell a hundred friends, and they tell a hundred friends.  In which case, you'll all be invited to a weekend party at my Bel-Air mansion.

Now, the burning question on everybody's mind: "Why in all that's good and holy would I pay for something I can get for free?"

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure.  The pinch-penny consumer in me rebels against the very idea.  But I'm hoping there might be one or two of you out there with enough disposable income to take pity on this struggling, starving blogger.

Note: If you do visit The Quivering Pen's Kindle page at and would like to leave a review of your experience here, I'd be ever so grateful.

I now return you to your regular programming....

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