Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tune: "My Body" by Young the Giant

Of all the catchy hooks to hit my ears in 2010, Young the Giant's "My Body" was probably the hookiest.
My body tells me no, but I won’t quit
'cuz I want more, 'cuz I want more
"My Body" is a--excuse the expression--balls-out anthem to sexual appetite.  Driven by drums and chorused with guitars, the song bursts into life from the start and never lets up until it arrives, panting and dripping with sweat, at the finish line.

The song comes from their debut album released late last year, and (judging by Amazon's 30-second samples*) the entire lineup is pretty darn good.  "Cough Syrup" is another stand-out hit, but really you really can't go wrong by drinking the whole carton of milk, as it were.

On the band's website, lead singer Sameer Gadhia says "the name is purposefully nonsensical, a 'leftfield idea' meant to evoke curiosity. On the band's MySpace blog, he points to the Brothers Grimm fairytale, 'The Young Giant,' as a happy accident."

It's not the pseudo-literary inspiration for the band's name that caught my attention, it was the train-chug pull of the bass and drums of "My Body," coupled with Gadhia's sincere, passionate plea for bodily independence.  It's best sung by someone who has just lost their virginity and is feeling the first fresh, warm blush of arousal flooding their erogenous zones.  Sure, someone at the twenty-year-mark of their marriage (for instance) can hum along, too--but it's the excited cravings of the young, giant or otherwise, which propel this song.

"My Body" has been on iPod Rewind-and-Repeat for about five months now.  I never get tired of it (spoken by a husband whose body happily cries out for more, more, more).

To purchase "My Body" from Amazon, CLICK HERE.

*Which, yeah I know, is like taking 30 licks from a Tootsie Pop and never tasting the chewy chocolate nougat at the center.  But still, my ears know good stuff when they hear it.  And this is definitely good stuff.

Photo by Pieter M. Van Hattern

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