Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tune: "I Remember" by Yeasayer

My daughter and I were driving in the dark through Montana.  The grey road, the cone of headlight beams, the broken lines of the passing lane, the star-pricked sky, the deer startled from her midnight snack on the shoulder of the interstate: these are what I remember.

I also recall my daughter saying, "Hey, turn it up.  I love this song."  I fingered the volume knob and, as it turned out, I loved this song, too.

Apart from her unfortunate love of Bob Dylan which we definitely don't share (I know I'm in the minority here, so you don't need to send all that hate mail), I think my daughter has pretty good taste when it comes to music.  She's turned me on to Kings of Leon; I, in exchange, have brought The Airborne Toxic Event to her attention.

But on that summer night on I-90 in southwest Montana, it was Yeasayer and the dreamy "I Remember" from last year's Odd Blood album.  The Brooklyn-based rockers are a huge hit on the music-festival circuit, which is where I'm sure my daughter first heard of them.  She's plugged in to that scene.  She'll go around dropping names lie "Shpongle" and "Amberland" and "Bassnectar" and I'll be all like, "Translate, please."

When it comes to Yeasayer, however, I need no interpreter.  I know good when I hear it.

"I Remember" floats like a layer of mist through the mind, Chris Keating's falsetto driving the song and making it one of the catchiest tunes I heard last year (on dark interstates as well as bright city streets).  If Wikipedia is to be believed, "Keating wrote 'I Remember' as a love song about a woman—later to be his wife—he met and kissed on a plane."

No word on whether or not that's the same girl who likes to lick handlebar mustaches in the video.

(Click on the YouTube icon to see a larger version)

If you'd like to purchase "I Remember" from Amazon, CLICK HERE.

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