Thursday, August 23, 2012

My First Book: The Tick-Tock Clock

Early this morning, I was leafing through an old scrapbook in search of a photo for another blog post when I stumbled across one of my early attempts at literary stardom.  As I turned the pages--the ancient yellowed glue releasing its hold on grade school report cards, class photos, and love letters to my dog--what should drop into my lap but My First Book.  I've mentioned elsewhere that my "first" book was a story called "The Lady and the Clock," written when I was 6 years old.  To my surprise, I've discovered an even earlier work, pre-dating "The Lady and the Clock" by a full year.  It, too, centers around the tragedy of a broken timepiece (this seems to be an childhood theme of mine--the loss of time and worry over the rapid advance of days).  I know I'm a little biased, but I think this book has its fair share of drama and suspense.  If nothing else, it's a scathing satire of economics and serves as a warning to those customers who put too much trust in the people who repair our clocks.

And so, from the archives of 1968, I give you....

The Tick-Tock Clock
written and illustrated by David Abrams

The Author
At age 5, Mr. Abrams enjoys reading Dr. Seuss, eating ice cream studded with pretzel sticks, and climbing trees. Currently enrolled in Mrs. Thompson's kindergarten class, he has seen several of his stories read aloud in class. He's received praise from his toughest critic--the cute girl in the second row who turned and gave him a smile upon the first public presentation of "The Tick-Tock Clock." Mr. Abrams lives with his mother, father and baby brother in Kittanning, Pennsylvania.


  1. How wonderful!
    So glad you found it!

  2. This is remarkable! Thanks for letting us see it. We are so wise as kids, aren't we?

  3. This is adorable - thanks for sharing this literary wonder with us! (Although I shuddered at the Dr Seuss comment in your bio - never took a liking to him. I was an avid reader with my son and he came home in the 3rd grade with a Seuss book in hand and I told him to take it back and that there would be no Dr Seuss in our home. And there never was...)

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  5. very cute and the inside jacket author-bio commentary made me laugh hysterically!

  6. Good informative post, thanks for sharing.