Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sentence: National Treasures by Charles McLeod

Simply put, the best sentence(s) I've read this past week, presented to you out of context and without commentary.

But beneath her vamp allure were the good values instilled upon her in youth; when she smiled, it was a smile of church Sundays and ribbons received at 4H events.  It was a smile of wheat.

"National Treasures" from National Treasures by Charles McLeod


  1. That's a good one. Here's mine, although most of the story could joust for its honor:

    Yet the Heart of Man is an Organ that doth not offer Itself up to facile Prediction, and shall not be easy Tam'd.

    -- George Saunders, "My Chivalric Fiasco" from 10th of December