Friday, May 1, 2015

Fobbit the TV Series: "In Development"

Here’s some happy news to announce: a Showtime TV series based on Fobbit is now officially in the works.

Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly
As part of a multi-year overall deal with CBS TV Studios, producers Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman are developing several new series (including ones based on The Liars’ Club by Mary Karr, Mr. Paradise by Elmore Leonard, and Crimes in Southern Indiana by Frank Bill). Here’s the mention of Fobbit at Deadline Hollywood earlier this week which describes the project as:
Fobbit: a half-hour, single-camera comedy written by Scott Buck based on a book by David Abrams about a Press Affairs office in Iraq during the war, with Marc Forster directing.
I don’t have many more details other than what you see there, but I can tell you that I’ve sat on this news for more than a year, waiting until all the pieces were in place before I let the cat out of the bag (though some of you who attended my readings and book signings probably heard me drop hints). Shortly after the novel was published in 2012, I was approached by producers Justin Olson, Wendy English and Gary Underwood of Joyride Entertainment to option Fobbit, and they eventually set it up at CBS productions with Timberman/Beverly. I could not be happier with the team of talent poised to help bring my book to the screen. Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman are responsible for two of my favorite, must-watch series (Elementary and Masters of Sex), Marc Forster directed one of my favorite movies about the writing life (Stranger Than Fiction) and Scott Buck has penned scripts for Dexter and Six Feet Under. Yes, as they say, I’m living the dream.

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