Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trailer Park Tuesday: Home by Harlan Coben

Welcome to Trailer Park Tuesday, a showcase of new book trailers and, in a few cases, previews of book-related movies.

Confession: I have never read a Harlan Coben novel.

Prediction: I will read Home in the very near future.

After seeing the moody, haunting trailer for Coben’s new book, I am definitely intrigued—I want to learn more about the two boys who were abducted from their wealthy families, why the kidnappers seemed to vanish after the ransom was never paid, and what happened over the next ten years. Most importantly, I want to know the identity of the brooding young man in the hoodie sitting in a dusty bedroom full of broken toys. Is he Patrick, is he Rhys, or is he an imposter? I’ll have to read the thriller to find out, I guess. The brief video for Home is everything I want in a book trailer: intense, mysterious, and stylish. I don’t need more, and I wouldn’t want less. It’s the Goldilocks of trailers: just right.

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