Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Tune: "She Wants" by Landing on the Moon

It's a new year and a new weekly* feature here at The Quivering Pen: each Tuesday, I'll spotlight a song which has caught my interest.  As you'll quickly see, my interests primarily tend toward indie rock, folk, and love ballads, with a heavy emphasis on female vocalists.  If you're hoping for some Jay-Z or Big Boi, you'll probably be waiting a long time (though I do like the occasional Eminem.  Go figure.).

Originally, I was just going to do one blog post talking about the best songs I encountered this year, but the list grew so massive, I decided to parse it out little by little each week.  Thus, the birth of "Tuesday Tune."

To start things off, here's a song which immediately shot to the top of my Press Rewind list the first time I heard it.  It's also a current favorite of my wife and since it's rare that our tastes so quickly converge, I decided to inagurate Tuesday Tune with "She Wants" by Landing on the Moon, an Omaha-based band that's made up of “a set of siblings, a pair of spouses, and two friends that are like brothers to the rest” (taken from their bio).  The majority of their debut album We Make History Now is pretty weak**, but the killer track comes near the end.

"She Wants" is the ultimate "wake up or get out of the relationship" lament, all set to the beat of a drum set, piano and, at 3:10, a wailing guitar solo that brings everything to a close.
She wants more than a sleeper
She needs a mover-shaker,
She needs more, she needs progress.
I wanna show her some movement, but
I am asleep at the wheel.

This is easily my favorite song of 2010.  Give a listen:

Landing on the Moon: She Wants

Like the song?  Download it here from Amazon.

*I hope.  If no one likes the idea of music being integrated into what's primarily a book blog, then I'll just let Tuesday Tune die a natural death.  Otherwise, I'll keep the beat going.
**While pianist/vocalist Megan Morgan blends nicely on "She Wants," she really needs to stay off the solo microphone.

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