Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Tune: "It's Ok...It's Ok" by InAshton

This one goes out to every guy who has ever been dumped by a girl and put in a trash can, literally- and figuratively-speaking.

I certainly had my share of romantic rejection in high school--in fact, you could say I was "down in the dumps" for the better part of four years.  But hey, it all worked out because I ended up marrying America's Next Top Model, yo!

When I listen to "It's Ok...It's Ok" by InAshton, I immediately trip back to 1980, otherwise known as the Year of Sweaty Palms, when it seemed like I spent more time looking at the phone and thinking about asking [redacted] out on a date than I did actually dialing her number.  Given the fact that I eventually took America's Next Top Model as my lifelong soul-mate, it's probably best that I never dialed and [redacted] never answered.

The first time I heard InAshton, lead singer Morgan Clamp's voice sounded like it was coming through the holes of my kitchen colander, but the more I listened, the more I appreciated the nasally strain.  Eventually, I came to love just about everything this band laid on my iPod (up to and including their fresh cover of Michael Jackson's "Will You Be There").  There's a definite1980s vibe to the group--and if this video doesn't immediately whisk you away to 1984, then:
a) You were born in 1985, or
b) Your parents never allowed you to watch MTV as a kid

It’s hard to open up when you’ve been burned before
You let somebody in, and then they’re out the door
But when they walk away you never feel the same
You’re changed, rearranged, with a heart that feels estranged
She really did it to me but I’m sure I’ve done it too
They say what goes around comes back around on you
I’m trying to remember that’s just the way it goes
It’s up and then it’s down
It always spins you round and round and round

So all I ask is do the best you can
I’ll put this fragile heart into your hands
And then say “It’s Ok… It’s Ok”
It’s just a chance that I have to take

If, like me, you've put your fragile heart in someone else's hands and felt the pain when they squeezed....then, my brother, this one is most definitely for you.

To download "It's Ok...It's Ok" from Amazon, CLICK HERE.

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  1. NICE! These guys rock. I saw them in boston not too long ago and they putt on a grate show! everyone get the album now!

    Kristen P