Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Books, My Burden: a photo essay

"There are too many books in the world to read in a single lifetime. You have to draw the line somewhere."
--Diane Setterfield, The Thirteenth Tale

"My problem is, every time I draw the line, a new book catches my eye and I have to reach forward and draw a new one."
--David Abrams

The Desk

Clearly, we have a problem.

The Biography Project Queue

So many lives, so little time.

A Short Stack of Short Books

In an ideal world, I could read these in one sitting.
Mine is not an ideal world.

The Thrift Store Haul

My wife: "Would you mind taking a quick trip to the thrift store with me to look at furniture?"
Me: "Sure, no problem. I might take a quick look at the books, too."
She: "OK, but please promise not to buy anything you don't need."
Me: "I promise."


The Kindle

Currently holding 504 ebooks.
It's a wonder my desk doesn't collapse under the weight.

The Real Problem

This is my basement.
This is the bar in my basement.
These are the books I've "acquired" in the last month.
They are waiting to be shelved.
I need to build more shelves.


  1. You've got it bad, David. But, I must say, I know the feeling...

  2. I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of the above!

  3. Our house is collapsing under the weight of said books.

  4. Really? I thought they were holding it up.

  5. I spot my Ron Rash right there atop the middle stack!

  6. 1535 on my Kindle so far and most of them were free! I am moving to a smaller place, where will I put the books that I haven't read???????????????????????????

  7. Problem? Am I missing something? Looks completely normal to me...

  8. I must agree with Sere. Although my husband is in Jean's camp. A lot of deja vu as I devoured these pictures, except for the Kindle (my husband's dream gift to me) and the basement. Our basement is currently given over to the washer/dryer and Karl's home brewing operation. Perhaps a home pub surrounded by books?

  9. Been there. Doing that! Filling my Kindle and still buying books. My husband is just as bad as I am. Double trouble. Double mess.

  10. David: You are my role model.