Monday, November 5, 2012

Rock the Vote, My Preciousss!

I have done my best to remain  politically neutral here at The Quivering Pen, pandering to neither red states nor blue states, but inhabiting a purple ground somewhere in between.

But now, on this fifth day of November 2012, on the eve of our most important national elections, I can no longer be silent.  I must urge you to cast your vote tomorrow with vigor and forethought.

When you're in the voting booth, curtain pulled across, please think carefully about your choices.  Yes, you could punch the ballot for Obamney or Robama, but before you do, I ask that you consider an alternative candidate:

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  1. Already voted by absentee ballot. I am the wrong color for my state. I figure if enough enough of us move in, we can change the color of this state. Hope!