Sunday, November 25, 2012

Join me on Booktalk Nation

On December 5, I'll be on the live-interview program Booktalk Nation, starting at 7 pm EST.  I'll be talking with novelist Sarah Bird and I hope you can tune in for the conversation.  Booktalk Nation is a new program which aims to duplicate the kind of events you'd find at your local independent bookstore.  Here's how it works (according to BTN's website):
How do I hear a Talk? How long will it last?  To reserve a space at a Booktalk, enter your e-mail address. We’ll send you a message with a phone number and access code for the talk or with a URL for a video talk.  On the day of the talk, call in or log on a few minutes before it starts. The author will begin speaking momentarily and continue for about 30 minutes.
How can I ask a question?  After you register for a talk, a field appears for you to submit a question. And at some talks, you will be able to ask the author a question directly.  Please note: authors will not always have time to answer every question that listeners submit.
To register for the Abrams-Bird interview, go to this page and sign up with your email address.

One of the great things about Booktalk Nation is that it wholly supports independent bookstores by allowing listeners to buy signed copies of the authors' books.  In my case, you'll be able to order Fobbit from The Country Bookshelf in Bozeman, MT; and you can order Sarah's novel The Gap Year from BookPeople in Austin, Texas.

When the Booktalk Nation producers first contacted me about the event and asked if I had any suggestions for interviewers, I didn't hesitate one iota of a nanosecond before blurting out: "Sarah Bird!"  Those of you who were at the Texas Book Festival last month may remember that Sarah was scheduled to moderate the discussion between Ben Fountain and me, but she fell ill at the very last minute (as in, we were all sitting around the green room and there was Sarah, suddenly stretched out on the sofa--she's fine now, but she gave us all a scare).  My friend and fellow novelist Amanda Eyre Ward did a terrific job stepping in as moderator, but I know Sarah felt bad about missing the panel.  So, the Dec. 5 event will be like "Texas Book Festival, Pt. II: The Redemption."

Texas Book Festival: Ben + David - Sarah = :(

By the way, you should definitely mark your calendars for these upcoming Booktalk Nation events: Ian Frazier (with Roy Blount Jr.), Emma Straub (with Lauren Groff), and then Lauren Groff (with Emma Straub).  These are just a few of the guests, check out the whole roster at the website.

Photo by John Anderson

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