Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trailer Park Tuesday: Room by Emma Donoghue

Welcome to Trailer Park Tuesday, a showcase of new book trailers and, in a few cases, previews of book-related movies.

I had a crush on Brie Larson when I first saw her in The United States of Tara, the off-beat Three Faces of Eve comedy starring Toni Colette as the titular multi-personalitied Tara. Then I flirted with Brie Larson in her all-too-brief appearance in Greenberg, and I fell head-over-heels for her performance in Short Term 12 as the supervisor of a residential treatment facility for teens (a role for which she was unjustly robbed of even an Oscar nomination). And now, when I see she’s starring in the upcoming adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s novel Room, I think my love is starting to get just a bit obsessive.  Not to the degree that creepy Old Nick exhibits in Room—heavens, no. I’m just a simple fanboy who enjoys watching talented actors strut their stuff on the screen. So, please don't call the cops. This is a demanding role and I’m looking forward to seeing Brie get some justly-deserved recognition for what she does with it when the movie opens in October. If nothing else, this will be the catalyst for me to finally (FINALLY!) read the novel which has been waiting impatiently in my To-Be-Read queue. Enough of you better-disciplined and/or more-time-on-your-hands readers are aware of what happens in Room; for the rest of you, the movie trailer lays out everything you need to know (and, as is usually the case with previews these days, perhaps more than you should know). For more of five-year-old Jack’s perspective on his eleven-foot by eleven-foot universe, take a peek at the trailer for Room the Book.

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  1. Wow. Somehow I totally missed this book. Never heard of it. That happens sometimes. Putting it on the list. Thanks