Thursday, July 5, 2012

Library Journal: Fobbit is "a slice of awesome"

I'm sorry Douglas Lord had to be beaten to a bloody pulp by henchmen in order to cough up his reviews for Library Journal this week (or, as he puts it, "sploop out a glob" of words), but I'm full of ever-lovin' gratitude that he liked Fobbit.  In his "Books for Dudes" column, Lord writes:
[I'm] happy to report that this darkly comic novel is a slice of awesome....This ain’t Hogan’s Heroes. Like the best writing of M.A.S.H., it is true dark comedy in that it reinforces how unpleasant life can be for soldiers, and how ridiculous, funny, and stupid life can be. And it reminds us how cheap life is; how cheap American lives are.
You can read the full review at this link (after scrolling past the bloody, post-Book Expo America beating D. Lord suffered at the hands of two nefarious knuckle-draggers).

Sgt. Shultz shortly after finding
an unauthorized copy of Fobbit under Hogan's pillow

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