Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trailer Tuesday: Fobbit

Welcome to Trailer Tuesday, a showcase of new book trailers and, in a few cases, previews of book-related movies.

For nearly two years, I've told you about promotional trailers for other authors' books....and now it's time for me to cue the spotlight, step to the center of the stage, clear my throat for the microphone, and announce: "Ladies and gentlemen.... Fobbit, the trailer!"  Yes, that's right, I finally got my act together and made a book trailer for my novel which debuted over a year ago.  More accurately, I hired the services of the wonderful team of Liz and Rob at The Montana Movie Factory, a great production company right here in Butte, Montana.  I gave Rob just a few sketchy ideas and let him take it from there.  I'm very pleased with the end result (Rob even managed to sneak in a Monty Python homage at the very end).  I hope you'll like what we came up with.  Consider it a Christmas gift to all the Fobbit fans out there.

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