Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving Sweatpants

(This is what happens when you Google “Thanksgiving sweatpants”)
I know there is an unspoken rule
that holidays are a time to maybe
“dress up” a little, but tomorrow,
when I prepare to leave for my mom’s house
to indulge in a Thanksgiving feast,
I will pay her cooking my highest compliment
by dressing in sweatpants.

That’s one of my favorite pages from one of my favorite books I read this year: One-Sentence Journal by fellow Montana author Chris La Tray. I’ve been a fan of Chris’ blog for years, and in 2018 I am particularly thankful that his smart, pithy one-sentence summations of daily life have been bound between two covers for everyone to enjoy.

While my Thanksgiving Day wardrobe this year skews closer to jeans and a linen shirt (plus, because I’m cooking, comfortable shoes and an apron), I get what Chris is saying: feast day is a time to let it all hang out. I’m also sporting the latest in finger-bandage fashion today because, as I was slicing these Shingled Sweet Potatoes with Harissa on the mandoline, I slipped and cut my fingertip halfway to the bone. If they ask, I’ll just tell my guests around the table that I added a little salt and iron to the casserole dish. They’ll never know. Unless they read this blog post.

Cooking accidents aside, I’m right on schedule with the dinner. This year, I’m trying out something new with a dry-brined turkey, gluten-free stuffing, grilled asparagus, and this awesome Spicy Cranberry Sauce.

Now that I think about it, sweatpants might not be a bad idea.

I hope, dear reader, that your Thanksgiving feast expands your bellies, your hearts, and your minds. Feast on, my friends!

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