Sunday, December 29, 2019

My Year of Reading: Best #SundaySentence of 2019

How many sentences did I read in 2019? Hundreds of thousands, probably tipping over into the millions. Of all the great lines in all the great books I read this year, there is one sentence to which I’ve returned more than once: lingering over it, savoring it, tumbling it over and over in my mind like a river scurries along a stone until it is a polished pebble. It’s not high-falutin’ philosophy or even shot-through with poetic lightning; no, it’s just a simple sentence from Inland by Tea Obreht, but one that makes me smile every time my eyes rest upon it.

In the coming days, I’ll have more to say about Inland and the rest of my favorite books of 2019, but I thought I would kick off the My Year of Reading series with this micro-level moment that illustrates why it was so fun to have my nose buried in books for these past twelve months.

Two breads, left to rise overnight, had burst out of their pans like dancehall girls leaning over the rail.

Inland by Tea Obreht


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